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Hello, I’m Natalie! I’ve been a makeup artist for nearly four years now, mainly working on weddings and photoshoots. In November of 2014, I attended a hair styling course, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Since then I have used the techniques I learnt in order to progress and develop my skills. I now offer both make-up and hairstyling for a variety of different occasions and have a lot of experience. No matter what the event is, I will always provide a professional and friendly environment to make everyone in the party comfortable.

My aim is to make my clients feel full of confidence and beautiful inside and out! I have known Vicky for a very long time and we have a strong friendship and great chemistry, leading to lots of fun on set!

I have also done a boudoir shoot with 2 photographers including Vicky, click here to see how I got on!

Hello! I’m Vicky and I am your photographer! I have 6 years experience in photography, starting out working in a local studio, and graduating with a 2:1 in BA Photography in 2014. I have also completed the ‘Boudoir Photography’ course by Rachel Stephens, a highly commended boudoir photographer.

My love of boudoir comes from want to take beautiful pictures of beautiful women and allowing them to see their full potential! I love the way that boudoir can make you feel amazing and have a new found confidence. I like my shoots to be fun and relaxed! With me there is never a dull moment, I am always finding things to laugh about.

I completely understand how you may feel nervous before a shoot, as I have had a boudoir shoot myself! Click here to see how I got on!



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