When you book with us you will have the option to come to our studio in Chelmsford Essex, or if you have room, a home visit if you prefer! We will send you our boudoir brochure which has all the information you will need to help prepare for your shoot. We will also share ideas, chat to you about what style you would like for your shoot, and work out a few key poses.

When you arrive, we will have music playing, and drinks and nibbles prepared too! We will have a little chat about the shots we have chosen, the make up and even your music taste! We will also check out all the sexy outfits you have brought along with you. Then Nat will sit you down and work her beauty magic!

Once you have checked and approved your make over, we will begin shooting the poses that we have discussed. Don’t worry if you have any body insecurities, all of those can be banished with clever posing and lighting. I promise you it will be a lot of fun and there will be a lot of smiles and laughter from everyone!

Shoot times vary depending on which package you choose, however hair and make-up will take between 1-1.5 hours. An online gallery will be available to you within 4 weeks, from which you can choose your images for your package.

Your final package will be ready soon after and will be lovingly packaged and hand finished by Vicky.


Who will be my photographer? The lovely Vicky will always be your photographer!

Who will do my Hair & Make-Up and how long will it take? Natalie is qualified in both hair and make-up and will completely transform your look!

How do I choose my photos? Vicky will take several photos across the poses you have chosen, and choose the best ones to edit. You will see the final edited ones in your personal online gallery and you can choose which ones you would like as part of your package.

Can I bring someone? If you are feeling nervous, you may bring a female friend to the shoot with you, we will have plenty of refreshments and love to chat!

What poses can I have? We will chat to you about what sorts of poses you would like and advise on what would work best for you.

Do I pay a deposit? You pay a booking fee which is 25% of the total price of the package you are booking. This is transferable between dates if need be, but is non-refundable.

 How many outfits should I bring? Each package advises you on how many outfits to bring, you can always bring more than you need and we can help you decide! We unfortunately do not have any outfits at the studio as we feel you will be more comfortable in outfits you bring yourself.

What if I don’t want my photos to be shown online? We always ask beforehand if we can put your images online, as much as we love to show everyone how beautiful you are, we always respect privacy.

Do you retouch? I don’t like to do so much editing that it doesn’t look like you! I do retouch skin, get rid of blemishes etc but I don’t go overboard!

Are there any hidden extras? Our Boudoir packages have been carefully selected and planned out so that you get the best experience and products you can. They have detailed descriptions and you receive everything in that package for the prices shown. You may choose to buy extra prints, canvas or even one of our stunning lay-flat albums, however there is no obligation to do this.

Why choose us? Check out our about section to see why! —–>

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